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This is how the human body operates

A healthy body...

Your body is your house.

Your nervous system is the wiring in your house.

Your electromagnetic system is the "electricity" (communication) in your house.

All three systems need to be operating at 100% for you to have a live, functioning home, Right?

When you wake up in the morning, have you noticed that its a little harder to get out of bed than it used to be? Or that you just don't have that spring as you're going up the stairs like you used to?

Unfortunately, our electromagnetic system slows down as we mature resulting in a loss of vitality. And stress is the culprit.

The role of stress...

95% of ALL disease and illness are caused by stress. NIH (National Institutes of Health) There are many reasons why and they take decades to manifest, but stress is the main cause. The 3 main reasons for stress is, 1. Not enough sleep. I'm speaking about REM sleep. Most of the world NAPS all night and very few really SLEEP. Unless you can get into REM sleep, the delta brain wave, which is responsible for healing, can't turn on. 2. Not enough H2O. Water is the only fluid the brain actually drinks. Not soda or coffee or artificial fluids. 3. Not enough deep breathing. Our breath is responsible for transmitting ALL the neurons or information from the brain into the nervous system to tell the human body what to do. The human body is very easy to take care of. And it doesn't take a long time to fix. But we have to do the basics. Think of it like a clock. They slow down over time and need to be cleaned, battery replaced or charged somehow or it eventually STOPS. Sleep, Water and Breath are what the human clock needs to create the vitality it's designed to have.

There is a solution!

If you could find a way to easily reduce stress and allow you to create the Life you Love with Health and Vitality to add value and reduce pain, would you be interested? 

I promise, the 3 things I mentioned, in the above paragraph to the left is the basics to having your body remember it's vitality. Vitality has "nothing" to do with aging. However, aging has "everything" to do with lack of vitality.

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