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Mental Healing Using Recoding, Updating and Upgrading Exercises

Updating your operating system is key to truly getting what you want in your life.

The human brain is the most powerful computer in the world. And the human mind is it's software.

It records everything we see, hear, touch, smell or taste AND believes it all to be facts. even if we've out grown them.

We write tons of files and unfortunately, some of the early ones become default files and continue to control us long after we've outgrown them.  

When I was about 4 or 5 years old, I went into the house to show my mom how sweet it was that a bee had landed on my sucker. Well, she of course, freaked out at the possibility that I could put that sucker in my mouth with the bee on it.  She freaks out, "Ginger, get that bee out of here, it will hurt you." I freak out because after all my mom protects me so she must be right. So for decades, at the mere sight of a bee, I would run into the house. I remember having a car once and the AC wasn't working. I was so afraid a bee MIGHT fly into the car, I didn't roll down the windows. It didn't matter that I was grown and intellectually knew I could kill a bee. I'm bigger and stronger. I was even stung a couple of times after that experience and knew I wouldn't die or even get sick. The file popped up and took over because I gave my power to the fear of the bee.  I updated that file in 1996 and have never been afraid of any bee since. I hardly notice them unless one gets in my house and then I encourage them to leave. If that fails, I eliminate it. I took back my power. 

This happens all the time to people from all walks of life in every culture.  But the good new is, WE ARE NOT BROKEN.  Updating your old files that were created to protect you in the beginning that ARE now stopping you, sets you free to make true choices about you life.  

Usually one session can recode or update any file.  However, folders may take several sessions.  (Coaching packages are available at a discounted price) .It really depends on how free you want to be. We are designed to operate in a creative structure. Updating your operating system is like updating the operating system on your cell phone. Continually getting the "Glitches"  out., runs quicker, and more efficiently. Creating your reality from a creative structure is true freedom.

Most people ask, "Why?" I ask "Why NOT".

At anytime we have the ability to UPDATE our software. 


Phobias, Behaviors, Addictions, Habits just to name a few. Learn a sport, improve a sport, read a book, play an instrument all in 45 -60 minutes. We're not broken, the system we were born into is. Now more than ever it is imperative that we update our old system and discover what your true reality is. You will be amazed how great life can be. 

This is NOT about telling your history, you can't change that. It's about approaching life from your present in a creative structure instead of your false limitations. You want to be free? I mean really free? Update your operating system for you journey.  After all, it is yours and YOU can design it anyway you want it. Re-discover how magnificent you really are.

For a limited time virtual Health and Vitality coaching session are $55 a session (Normally $110) 12 week program.

Please call the office at 770-940-3909 for more information.

Some Results My Clients Have Experienced

*"I took an average of points off my golf game"

"I quit my job and went to law school"

"I updated Rheumatoid Arthritis out of my body"

"I learned how to be a better spouse and parent"

"I discovered I didn't have ED after all."

Certified in NLP re-mapping 1996

Magnetic Mind University 2020 - present

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